A humorous and wise look at contemporary American life—and how time spent alone in nature can give us a fresh perspective and greater clarity about what matters most. In this touching and surprising book, McAlpine does what many of us long to do - slow down and

take a closer look at this one life we have.



Love, loss, laughter, letting go, the passing of time marked by a simple walk around the neighborhood: timeless matters that join us all. Thirteen essays that capture the sometimes light-hearted, sometimes deeply poignant, sometimes electrifying moments that make up a life -- reminding us of the precious gift we hold in our hands. Life’s little moments aren’t little at all.


First it must begin. Here, in the prequel to Fog, the unforgettable characters of Fog begin their journey toward their eventual fates: lifesaving Keeper Daniel Cole; the Reverend Marmaduke Matthews; the canny whore Abby Hierdal; and, of course, Pomp, philosopher and seer, arbiter of justice and dispenser of death, a man who walks outside the boundaries of civilization, a mooncusser whose only allegiance is to the whispers inside his head. Cast your eyes to the storm swept ridgelines of the outer beach and witness a shrouded and matchless evil.


Welcome to the winter shores of 1882 Cape Cod, a world of shipwreck and quick death and a race to find a treasure that will change the course of a young America. When a ship sinks in a storm, its secret dying on the lips of a child, a catastrophic chain of events is set in motion as Keeper Daniel Cole and his fellow lifesavers pursue a philosophical killer. Hope and despair, love and loss, sacrifice and sin, riddle and answer, blur and intertwine in a tale that calls into question mankind’s moral compass, and the very nature of progress and civilization.


A coming-of-age novel of a different sort, this heartbreakingly tender story of love and hope shows us all that it is never too late for a second chance. One man -- and an unforgettable cast of characters -- reminds us that the human heart and spirit are forces as unpredictable as they are powerful.


 A moving portrait that brings to life the magic of the sea and shore in winter, the charm of beach towns emptied of summer crowds, and the warmth and eccentricities of year-round coastal residents who revel in small-town spirit.
A journey far off the beaten path and a look at the hidden people and places in our country that keep America's spirit of community alive.


Plunge down the Colorado River, thrill to the unbound symphony of the Galapagos, surf with Peter Pan, pick up (and carefully replace) a live grenade in the silent caves of Peleliu. These travel tales transport you to rare and bewitching places, but each ferries something more: lessons in beauty, marvel, superficial judgment, the price of freedom, and, perhaps most important, our very short time here.


A single mother, strong-willed and independent: a son, strangely attuned to the sea. Not through coincidence do dive boat operator Cedar Mahoney and sixteen-year-old Justin intersect with a creature primordial and wise, and once they do, events begin to rapidly unspool, expanding far beyond their South Pacific island home. As the creatures of the sea evolve – jellyfish that exhibit collective, and aggressive, consciousness: squid that form ruthlessly efficient hunting packs – mother and son are forced to trust wholly in each other as they face a world seemingly impossible, and quite real. A cerebral Jaws


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Survival.  You read the word in comfort. Merely a word on a page. 
But the day is coming when you may meet its black-eyed stare.
Change is the only truth. 
And now, not one, but five prehistoric beings; 
mother and offspring. 
Mankind’s saviors, or the horsemen of our Apocalypse.  
Everywhere, sea stirrings that are clear warnings. 

Everywhere, largely ignored.
Water whispers a lullaby, but it can also scream.
A heart-stopping thriller that may not be fiction at all.
We are all connected to the sea.