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RISE OF THE MOONCUSSER - "evil walks the dunes..."

LOOPY GIDDINESS - "Bucket list travel tales"

JUNCTURE - "a cerebral JAWS..."


ISLANDS APART - "a rumination on what it means to be human."  BOOK CLUB FAVORITE

TOGETHER WE JUMP - " lyrical, evocative, and deeply moving...a luminous American novel"  BOOK CLUB FAVORITE

FOG - "a 21st Century Moby Dick...

Survival.  You read the word in comfort. Merely a word on a page. 
But the day is coming when you may meet its black-eyed stare.

Change is the only truth. 
And now, not one, but five prehistoric beings; 
mother and offspring. 
Mankind’s saviors, or the horsemen of our Apocalypse.  

Everywhere, sea stirrings that are clear warnings. Everywhere, largely ignored.

Water whispers a lullaby, but it can also scream.

A heart-stopping thriller that may not be fiction at all.

We are all connected to the sea.

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Juncture by Ken McAlpine

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Humor, Humanity and

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WEST IS EDEN - "timeless matters that join us all..."